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GREAT Events: Learn more about up-coming events to benefit GREAT Rescue
GREAT Dogs: Read about GREAT's available Goldens
Goldens are dogs too: A series of stories to help us remember our Golden is a dog
GREAT Big Thanks: Thank you to so many generous GREAT supporters
GREAT's Wish List: Donated items needed and volunteer opportunities
GREAT Links: Quick access to ways to support GREAT

GREAT Events

Tennis Ball Bonanza

Tennis Ball Bonanza Sunday, November 6th 2 – 4pm
Please join us for GREAT's 6th annual Tennis Ball Bonanza to help us thank our foster families for all they do for these GREAT dogs. Enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs and beverages at this fun-filled 50/50 event while watching Goldens play at Fresh Prints Pet Lodge located at 3327 Peach Drive (off of Beach Blvd near Southside Blvd).

Your $10 donation for ticket purchase gets you the chance to win up to 50%* of the funds raised through ticket sales with the winners being chosen by a Golden who will retrieve numbered tennis balls from a swimming pool.

Visit for more information.


Riverside Arts Market

Riverside Arts Market Oktoberfest Saturday, Oct 22
GREAT will be spending the day at the Riverside Arts Market Saturday, October 22. Stop by to say hi and enjoy German food, some of Jacksonville's best bands, local and German beers and games for the kids. GREAT will also be selling tickets for our Tennis Ball Bonanza fundraiser for $10/ticket. Don't miss out on the chance to win some cash and help us raise much needed funds for GREAT.

Visit to learn more about all the festivities.


GREAT Rescue's 2012 Calendar coming soon Pre-Order Your 2012 GREAT Rescue Calendar today!
GREAT 's 2012 calendars are full of beautiful Golden photos and will be ready in early November. Pre-order your calendars today to make sure you get your hands on one before we sell out. Calendars are $25 each and will be mailed to you when they're finished printing in early November–perfect timing for those hoiday gifts. Please email with your name, address and the number of calendars you would like to order. Payments can be made via PayPal by clicking the donate button at or by sending a check to GREAT Rescue Calendar PO Box 600878 Jacksonville, FL 32260-0878. If paying through PayPal, please indicate calendar purchase on your transaction.



Frazier 6-7 year old male
This beautiful, gentle boy was an owner surrender at an outlying shelter. When GREAT saw his beautiful face and winning smile, we knew he deserved a GREAT Second Chance. Living in the lap of luxury with his foster family in a lovely home on the St. Johns River, Frazier is enjoying the good life with his foster Golden Retrievers, cat and even peacocks that run the property. Not one to shy away from a snuggle or gentle touch, Frazier is not only a handsome, gentle boy but also a lovebug, very attentive and eager to please. He knows basic commands and lays down when directed. He would make an excellent companion for a more settled family with a quiet environment so he can catch his zzzz's when needed.

Read more about Bella at



Liberty 8-10 year old male
Meet Liberty, GREAT's Golden Heart Throb who is our 600th Rescued Golden Retriever!! Quite a milestone for GREAT but even more important for Liberty who was rescued from a local shelter while awaiting euthanasia. This very charming, handsome and sleek Golden Boy is 8-10 years of age, very gentle and oh, boy, what a lover!! His favorite thing in this whole world is to be with his people, by your side, and dishing out smooches and kisses at every turn. Liberty, so named, because he came into GREAT over the 4th of July weekend, was an owner surrender.

Read more about Liberty at



Zach 10 year old male
Handsome as can be, Zach is also a foot warmer, wise advisor, adoring companion, gentle spirit and sweet old soul! Not one to cause any trouble, inside or out, Zach is the perfect companion for a family who is looking for warmth and love without an ounce of trouble. Zach came to GREAT Rescue from a very rural, impoverished shelter where his chances for adoption were non-existant but knowing that his gentle spirit defied his 10 years of age, GREAT decided to give him a GREAT Second Chance! He has not proven us wrong and shows it by being a low maintenance, loving, gentle boy who is just happy to enjoy another day.

Read more about Zach at

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Goldens are dogs too!

Many of us give our dogs human names, snuggle with them on the sofa while watching TV, sneak them a human snack or two and even invite them to join us in our bed. Because of all this "humanizing", we often forget that they are dogs and still maintain the same instincts they have always had even though we have diligently tried to make them think and act more like a person. The following stories, many about GREAT Goldens, will illustrate this and help us to be ever vigilant:

This very young and energetic GREAT Golden Boy loved squirrels and never missed an opportunity to chase one. One afternoon, the front door was opened; Cody flew out in pursuit of a squirrel, right into the path of an oncoming car that was traveling 15 miles over the speed limit. Cody's back was broken and could not be saved.

Moral: Dogs love to run and chase and an open door is an invitation to adventure. Always make sure your dogs are secured before answering the door.

Jax Beach Golden Retreiver
Many of you may know of this story aready since it has been publicized on TV, in newspapers and on the internet. Clay was a beautfiul four year old male Golden Retriever who was left alone in his backyard on the Fourth of July. No one knows if he became frightened of fireworks and jumped the fence or dug under it or if he was stolen, but he was found two weeks later at the bottom of a waterway, wrapped in a tarp with cinder blocks attached. There is a $15,000 reward posted for more information.

Moral: Never leave your pets unattended in the yard. Today, dog stealing is very common and many dogs end up being used in Pit Bull fight training, sold for research or just taken by a hoarder. Be extra vigilant when fireworks or pranks are expected on such holidays as Fourth of July, Halloween and New Years Eve.

There is a happy ending here, but lots of heartache in the middle and some more grey hairs for his beloved Dad, Bill. Bailey and Bill were walking their usual trail with Bailey, unleashed, when he spotted a rabbit. True to retriever status, Bailey chased after it and was lost in the woods. For one month, Bill searched frantically for his beloved GREAT Golden Boy only to return heartbroken each day. He placed 100 posters and talked with people within the area, hung some of Bailey's toys on the fence so he could get the scent of home and never gave up looking. After a month, a local Vet hospital called to say they had checked, saw Bailey listed and heard also from a lady who was bringing in a "new" found Golden that very day. The hospital alerted the police who went to the lady's home. Even though Bailey was wearing two identifying tags, she refused to surrender him until she was threatened with arrest. Bailey was then taken in the police car to the vet hospital where he and Bill had a joyous reunion.

Moral: Never take your dog out of the yard unleased. Welcome home Bailey!!

GREAT Big Thanks

VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital


VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital
It is with GREAT pride and gratitude that we announce the donation of $771.50 from VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital, a GREAT Veterinary Hospital since 2003 and VCA Charities. Thank you GREAT Friends!!!.

Sophie's Community Service


Sophie's Community Service
When tasked with providing community service by her middle school, Sophie Cunningham and her Mother, Vanessa, contacted GREAT Rescue to see if there was anything Sophie could to to support our rescue efforts. We told them about the Titus Fund to support the medical needs of dogs in need of extreme care and our daily need of collars, food and treats. Sophie and Vanessa got to work and put together a donation drive and setup a lemonade stand. We are very happy to report that they have collected $300 in donations for the Titus Fund as well as dog collars, food and dog treats. All will be put to good use. Thank you, Sophie and Vanessa!

Show Some HeART

Show Some HeART
GREAT's first annual Show Some HeART fundraiser was a huge success, raising over $1,600 that GREAT is using to continue rescuing Golden Retrievers! Thank you to everyone who joined us for a wonderful evening of art, hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in honor of Goldens! A special thank you to the following folks who helped us pull the evening together:

LIT Downtown
BJ's Wholesale Club
Espeto Brazilian Steak House
Hurricane Grill & Wings Julington Creek
Casa Dora Italian Restaurant
American Business Systems
Julington Creek Animal Hospital & Walk
Barked Goods
Karen's Kreations
Southern Inspired Treats (SIT)
Fetching Tags
PRP Wine International
Tasha's Pet Grooming
All About the Dog
Hampton Golf
Wine Warehouse
The Pet Studio
Kristen Abrahamson
Susie Alderman
Megan Belcher
Virginia "Dean" Brettingen
City Dog Photog
Jessica Consiglio
Elizabeth Haslup
Varick Rosete
Jennifer Silva
Kristen Stearley
Russell Thorn
Dawn Watley

Check out photos from Show Some HeART on Facebook or watch the promotional video created by Natalie Aemmer on YouTube.


Thank you to our GREAT friends for their generous donations.
Robert Trotter
Johnson and Johnson
Vic Scarborough
Linda Maltman
Barbara Sellers
Jennifer Swanson
Linda Trunick
Judi & Reed Brown
Robert White
Body Balance Institute
Morgan Stanley
Jesse Peck
Paula Bellick
Norman Hense
Ann & Ed Olive
Richard Burnett
Cynthia Stroud & Family
John Bigelow in memory of Van Ochs
Robin Nigro in memory of Van Ochs

Sarah Foley in memory of Van Ochs
Stephanie Martin in memory of Van Ochs
Susan Headle in memory of Van Ochs
Shelby Owen in memory of Van Ochs
Jud & Reed Brown in memory of Van Ochs
Irene Spence
Mary Ann Freeman (Titus Fund)
Pat and Pete Mercuro (Titus Fund)
Paula Bellick (Titus Fund)
Nancy Frederico (Titus Fund)
Patricia Williams (Titus Fund)
Janet Russac (Titus Fund)
Brad Tippet (Titus Fund)
Denis Durbin (Titus Fund)
Shannon Moore (Titus Fund)
James Sager (Titus Fund)
Friends of Jacksonville Animals
VCA Charities/VCA Briarcliff Animal Hospital
Petco Foundation

GREAT'S Wish List

One of the easiest ways to support GREAT Rescue and help us continue to rescue Goldens is by donating items. The items listed below are currently needed as well as fosters for puppy litters and hospice Goldens. Please email or call 904.501.6899 if you have items you would like to donate or are interested in becoming a foster.

  • Large collapsible wire crates
  • Clean dog collars (large and XL)
  • Clean leashes
  • Large mailing envelopes
  • Fosters for puppy litters
  • Fosters for hospice Goldens





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Since 2000, GREAT Rescue has matched over 600 wonderful Golden Retrievers with loving, responsible families. GREAT is affiliated with the Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee, is a 501(c) (3) NOT FOR PROFIT organization and has been selected to be a PURINA PRO PLAN “RALLY TO RESCUE” partner. Visit to learn more about G.R.E.A.T. Rescue.