GREAT News – Summer 2012

GREAT News | G.R.E.A.T. Rescue's quarterly newsletter
In this IssueGREAT Events: Get ready to Show Some HeART
GREAT Dogs: Read about GREAT’s available Goldens
GREAT Fosters: A new foster shares the story of her first foster dog
Golden First Aid: Help your dog stay cool this summer, Animal Health Class
GREAT Support: Learn about ways you can help GREAT rescue more Goldens
GREAT Condolences: A tribute to Goldens who have crossed the rainbow bridge
GREAT Thanks: A GREAT big thank you to our generous donors
GREAT Links: Quick access to ways to support GREAT
GREAT Events

Show Some HeART Show Some HeART Saturday, August 25
Join us for our 2nd annual Show Some HeART fundraiser, a night of dog-inspired art to benefit the Goldens of GREAT Rescue.Local artists have contributed numerous dog-inspired pieces that will be available for purchase in a silent auction along with gift certificates, dog goodie baskets and much more.

Enjoy a complimentary drink (domestic draft beer or house red/white wine) and hors d’oeuvres while spending the evening supporting GREAT and mingling with fellow dog lovers. LIT Downtown’s bartender will be shaking a special drink in honor of our big event – the Golden Damiana Martini. Order one for $9 and LIT will donate $2 to GREAT.

Saturday, August 25; 7-10pm

LIT Downtown 11 N Ocean Street Jacksonville, FL 32202
Located at the foot of the Main Street bridge between Bay & Forsyth Street. Free parking is available on the street or utilize the parking lot at the corner of Ocean and Forsyth Street

$10/person in advance – Purchase your advanced tickets online today!
$15/person at the door
Must be 21 or older to attend

Check out the Show Some HeART event page for more information and to purchase your tickets today!

Space is still available for silent auction donations. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business while supporting GREAT. Show some heart! Contact today to reserve space for your donated artwork, gift certificate, gift basket, etc.


Tebow Tebow 2 1/2 year old male
The newest addition to the GREAT family, please say hello to Tebow. This is one beautiful Golden boy! Tebow loves children, but doesn’t seem to have been socialized with other animals. He is house and crate trained, loves riding in the car and adores people.If you think Tebow would make a great addition to your family, to complete the adoption application and be sure to include Tebow’s name.


Lucas Lucas 1 year old male
Meet Lucas! Another GREAT Rescue newbie, Lucas and his mom Libby were strays that found their way to us via Clay County Animal Control. Lucas was extremely ill when we brought him in and we feared he would not make it, but thanks to some loving care and medicine, he is doing well. Lucas is about one year old and has not been neutered yet, but he is heartworm negative. He is a typical puppy – active, happy and bouncey!We are currently seeking a foster home for Lucas. If you can temporarily open your home, please contact

If Lucas would be the perfect match for your family, please to complete the adoption application and include Lucas’ name.


Libby Libby 3 year old female
Libby is Lucas’ mom and was also a stray that came to us via Clay County Animal Control. She was very ill when we rescued her as well, but is doing much better now. Libby has not been spayed yet, but is heartworm negative. She knows commands and is a very calm, loving girl.We are seeking a foster for Libby. Please contact if you would like to provide a temporary home for Libby while we find her forever home.

If Libby is your girl, please visit to complete an adoption application and include Emily’s name.

Check out more of our GREAT dogs at and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on these sweet pups.
GREAT Fosters

A GREAT foster, Joanne O’Neil, shares her story of being a new foster mom:“Hi everybody. I wanted to share my experience as a new foster mom with GREAT.

I had originally applied to adopt after having lost both my beloved Golden Retrievers to illness last summer. But I came to realize that as much as I missed having a dog in my life, I also hadn’t finished grieving for my own loss and just wasn’t ready to make the commitment to being a forever Mom. I discussed this with one of the GREAT staff who provided wonderful support, and we put my adoption application on hold until I was ready.

About a month later I received an email from Linda the Foster Coordinator asking me if I would be interested in fostering a female that needed to be in a home without other dogs. They really needed help because all the other wonderful foster homes had multiple dogs and she would have to be kenneled if a home couldn’t be found. So, I discussed the opportunity with my family because I am a working woman and we work as a team to care for our pets. We were a little unsure at first, having never done anything like this before, but our desire to give back to this wonderful breed and provide some love and comfort for a dog in need overrode any hesitancy we may have had.

A couple of days later the Volunteer Coordinator brought “Janie” to me and a wonderful relationship was begun. Janie was polite and a perfect house guest from the start. She was a little timid at first, but after only a day or two that sweet Golden temperament shown through and she settled right in. It was wonderful having a little girl in the house again and I enjoyed her company tremendously. We worked a bit on leash training to help her be a better walker and she even learned some new tricks during her time with me.

About six weeks later GREAT let me know they had a person who was interested in meeting Janie. GREAT provided me with the proper forms, suggestions for facilitating the meeting, and instructions for completing the adoption tasks if Janie was wanted.

Well, Janie was adopted the very night she met her new mom! They were very well-matched and I think it was a little bit like love at first sight. I wasn’t sure how I would react when Janie left, but you know what? I was happy and felt a great sense of accomplishment to have helped this sweet little dog find the forever home that was meant for her. And I received an unexpected gift in that her new mom had allowed Janie to stay with me while she went on vacation. What a thrill for me and my family to visit with Janie again and see how she has thrived in her new forever home in just a few short weeks.

For me, fostering is an incredible opportunity to experience the companionship, challenges and rewards of having a Golden share my home without having to make a forever commitment. And fostering is a much needed way to serve the Golden community and really make a difference, one life at a time. Thank you GREAT, for bringing these wonderful dogs back into my life.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Joanne. We are eternally grateful to kind people like you who open not only your home, but your heart to these wonderful Goldens.

Golden First Aid

Boy has it been hot! Summer is definitely here, so what better time for a little reminder on how we can help our furry friends stay cool in the heat.

Leave your pooch at home
Never leave your dog in the car. The temperature inside a car can exceed 100 degrees in a matter of minutes, so no matter how quick you think your trip may be, it is not worth jeopardizing the safety of your pet. Your dog will be much happier at home in the cool AC.Take advantage of cooler times
Hot pavement is no fun for anyone, including dogs. To avoid burned paws and heat exhaustion, take walks and runs with your pup in the early morning or late evening when things have cooled off a bit.

An ample water supply
Always carry dog-dedicated water and a foldable water bowl on walks.

Cool wrap
Wrap a cool pad or wet bandana around your dog’s neck before heading outside to help avoid heat exhaustion.

Groom your dog
Brushing your dog’s coat can also help reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, especially if your dog has a heavy coat. Never shave your dog’s coat. That coat protects against sunburn and helps keep insects away.

Stay cool
During hot times of day, keep your dog in a safe, cool place with plenty of fresh water to drink.

Don’t forget the Sunscreen
Even your dog needs sunscreen when outside. Put sunscreen on your dog’s nose, a part of a dog’s body that is not protected by hair and is very susceptible to sunburn.

Read more about protecting your pooch from the heat at

Animal Health Class
Green Cove Animal HospitalOur GREAT friends at Green Cove Animal Hospital are sponsoring a free animal health class Saturday, July 28 at Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club (get directions). Join them from 9am to 1pm to learn about fleas and ticks, heartworms, allergies, laser therapy, senior wellness and much more! You’ll even have the chance to win prizes to take home to your furry friends. Space is limited, so RSVP to reserve your spot today by emailing

GREAT Support

GREAT Rescue is served by a board of directors – volunteers who dedicate their spare time to an organization and a breed that they are passionate about. Each board member plays a key role in the day-to-day functions of GREAT Rescue and without each person’s help, GREAT could not provide for the wonderful Goldens that pass through our lives on their way to their forever homes.This spirit of dedication and the pure joy of knowing that you have played a role in improving the life of an animal that otherwise would not have gotten a second chance makes our efforts worthwhile. Unfortunately, as GREAT Rescue grows, so does the workload. Without the support of our community and individuals who share the same passion for this breed, we can not meet the needs of these pups waiting for our help.

From the simple task of sharing our Facebook posts to the commitment of fostering a newly rescued dog, the opportunities to support GREAT Rescue are numerous. Any amount of time you are able to contribute eases the workload on our board members, allowing us to spend more time on what matters most…the dogs.

Please consider lending a hand. The more help we have the more Goldens we can help.

GREAT volunteer opportunities:

Webmaster We are currently seeking someone familiar with working with WordPress websites to help us maintain, an integral tool needed to find homes for our GREAT Goldens.

Fosters Our most invaluable resource, fosters provide temporary homes for rescued dogs being treated and prepared for their forever homes. Foster times can average two to eight weeks while dogs undergo medical treatments. Medical care is funded by GREAT Rescue.

Transport Volunteers needed to transport evaluated and approved Goldens from area shelter to rescue vet’s office. Transports are mainly conducted during weekdays. Valid drivers license, auto insurance, good driving record and large vehicle required. No children or other pets may accompany a transport volunteer.

Promotion The most varied volunteer opportunity, promotion volunteers help promote GREAT Rescue, our Goldens and our key fundraising events. Everything from talking with your friends and family about GREAT to posting event flyers at area business are extremely important tasks.

Event Support Help GREAT reach out to the community and raise much needed funds by helping with GREAT events. Soliciting silent auction items is a huge help as well as helping during our events.

If you are able to help with any of these areas, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Janet,

GREAT Condolences

Remembering Rose
G.R.E.A.T. Rescue always celebrates the lives of rescued dogs. After all, it is the heart of who we are to see dogs in need find their special places in safe, caring, forever homes. Often times, however, we find there also can be sadness that comes with the joy of celebrating those Golden lives. Lives that were given second (and sometimes many more) chances, but that finally came to an end.“Rose” was one of those lives. One that, at points, could’ve ended much too soon because she was a “difficult” dog…so many health issues, not taken care of and frankly, a huge undertaking. Finding herself at Animal Control severely overweight, with black skin and over 40 percent of her body lacking hair, Rose was a mess to say the least. It was determined Rose had a thyroid condition, severe yeast infection over her entire body (among other things) and would take months to heal, but only with dedicated, loving care.

Rose - Before

Thanks to G.R.E.A.T. founders Judi and Reed Brown, Rose got it. The Brown’s took her in to their family and over time, Rose’s body healed and along with it, her spirit. Although Rose also suffered from severe incontinence and had to undergo several surgeries, the Brown’s never gave up on her. As a result, the once listless, pathetic-looking dog came in to her own as a beautiful, elegant Golden Retriever with an affectionate and sparkling personality who fit in perfectly with her family – the dog she was always meant to be.

Rose - After

No doubt Judi described Rose’s life and her effect on their lives best by saying, “She was worth every penny and moment of difficulty while going through [everything]. We loved her dearly and she always kept that wonderful personality when we know her early life could have left her so discouraged and untrusting. She was quite the Golden Gal and we miss her but are comforted to know she’s in the Golden Meadow with our other babies and they are happy to see her once again.”

Let’s remember and celebrate Rose. She is the picture-perfect example of what G.R.E.A.T. is all about – making the lives of discouraged, untrusting, sickly Goldens ones that are worthy of joy, happiness and love. Because after all, they are worthy of it, aren’t they?

And it is guaranteed they will return the love so infinitely that when they are no longer sitting beside you, you will wonder how you ever thought your life was full without them.

Please join us in comforting The Brown’s on their loss. We’d also like to extend our condolences to Kristi and Rob Kluba who recently said goodbye to their GREAT Golden Cooper as well as the Benscoter family whose beloved Jake recently crossed the rainbow bridge. And finally the Mercurom family whose lovely Maggie Mae lost a valiant fight, peacefully crossing the rainbow bridge in her family’s loving arms.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of these special Goldens, please visit

GREAT Thanks

GREAT big thank you to our recent donors. Thank you for your continued support!

Cindy & David Stroud
Swisher International, Inc.
Sue Van Abs
Stan Tillery
Stacey Demasi
Mary Lee & Stan Miller
Patricia Deverin
Teresa Banner
Reed & Judi Brown
Rebecca Head
Cathy Peavey
Edna Lu Dorminy
Erika Hartsfield
La Croix Enterprises
Nancy Kruggman
John Butler
Kristina Bagriel
Gail & Gary Howalt
James Cary
George Tracy
ING Matching gift
Audrey & Richard Burnett
Sharon Morrissey
Linda Trunick*
Georgette Romero
Chris Ann Gibbs
Joan Kula
Florence Merry
Petco Foundation
Shannon Moore
Betty Rock
Mary Reicher
Dr. Jennifer Davis
Pam & Danny Ferriera
Sharon Gogerty
Betsey White
Gail & John Yamnity
Laura & Jason Towne
Patricia and Albert Styring
Tami and William Mignon
Lydia and Jamsel Vedros
Ann Attara in honor of Reed & Judi Brown’s 50th Anniversary
Martha Havens
Judith Wood
Wayne Gwilliam*
South Carolina Golden Retriever Rescue
Jean Hart
Mary Coxe
Susan Ball
Elizabeth Stansel
Paula Bellick*
Stephen Stewart
Ed & Ann Olive*
Peyton Taylor
Shannon Moore*
Bob McMeekin
Lori Ziegler
Brad Tippett
Paula Fuqua
Vanessa Cunningham
Mark Huband
Neri Center, Inc.
Shannon Doyle
Rebecca Bliss
Massage & Body Works
Robert Trotter*
Courtney Bowles
Morris Bellich
Chris Ann Gibbs & Lucy
Judi & Reed Brown in memory of Cooper
Wayne Gwilliam
Stephanie and Alan Thomas
Carolyn Hargreaves
Kristi & Rob Kluba in memory of Cooper
Jesse Peck*
Rebecca Bliss
*Multiple donations given

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Since 2000, GREAT Rescue has matched almost 700 wonderful Golden Retrievers with loving, responsible families. GREAT is affiliated with the Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee, is a 501(c) (3) NOT FOR PROFIT organization and has been selected to be a PURINA PRO PLAN “RALLY TO RESCUE” partner. Visit to learn more about G.R.E.A.T. Rescue.