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GREAT Events: Learn more about up-coming events to benefit GREAT Rescue
GREAT Dogs: Read about GREAT's available Goldens
Goldens are dogs too: A series of stories to help us remember our Golden is a dog, too
Welcome GREAT Families: Welcome our new adoptive families
GREAT Big Thanks: Special thank you for supporting GREAT Rescue
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge: Our condolences to two GREAT families
GREAT Links: Quick access to ways to support GREAT

GREAT Events

Scottish Games & Festival

Scottish Games & Festival Saturday, February 25
Northeast Florida Scottish Games and Festival is bringing a "wee bit o'Scotland" to the area, including our beautiful GREAT Goldens.

Stop by GREAT's table to say hi and learn more about Scotland's many native breeds at the Clay County Fair Grounds in Green Cove Springs.

Read more about Northeast Florida Scottish Games & Festival at



2012 GREAT Rescue Calendar

2012 GREAT Rescue Calendar
Don't miss the chance to get your paws on GREAT's 2012 Rescue Calendar.

Our 2012 calendar features beautiful photos of fun-loving Golden Retrievers, many of whom were rescued through GREAT. The calendar also features cover photos of our 600th rescue, Liberty whose gorgeous photos were contributed by Madelyn Caranci of City Dog Photog.

These calendars make the perfect gift for the dog lover's on your list, but they're selling fast. Order yours today at


Tennis Ball Bonanza

Tennis Ball Bonanza
Thank you to everyone who made it out to GREAT's 6th annual Tennis Ball Bonanza in November. It was a fun afternoon spent watching our Goldens play at Fresh Prints Pet Lodge and raising money to rescue more Goldens. We raised over $1,700 with almost $900 benefiting GREAT Rescue and our winners Gail Howalt, Stan Tillery and Aaron Swindell taking home the rest of the cash. Congratulations!

View photos of Tennis Ball Bonanza at



St. Augustine Christmas Parade

St. Augustine Christmas Parade
GREAT had the honor of being invited to participate in the St. Augustine Christmas Parade again this year. We always enjoy seeing everyone as we walk through the streets of St. Augustine with our Goldens at our side.




Frazier 6-7 year old male
This beautiful gentle boy was an owner surrender at an oulying shelter. When GREAT saw his beautiful face and winning smie, we knew he deserved a GREAT second chance. Frazier is enjoying the good life with his foster Golden Retrievers, cat and even peacocks. Not one to shy away from a snuggle or gentle touch, Frazier is a handsome, gentle lovebug who is very attentive and eager to please. He knows basic commands and lays down when directed. He would make an excellent companion for a more settled family with a quiet environment so he can catch his zzzz's when needed.

Read more about Frazier at



Berry 1-2 year old female
Berry was dumped in an outlying shelter with her five puppies before GREAT found her. Now that four puppies have been adopted, Berry is looking for her forever home. It is uncertain what breed Berry is – maybe Golden, Lab, Greyhound – but she has the heart of a Golden. Berry is a sweet, loving, quiet and very well behaved little girl.

Read more about Berry at



Duncan 6-8 year old male
Duncan is an amazing, loveable Golden boy who recently joined the GREAT family. He was hit by a car and now holds one of his paws up while walking. Duncan's medical needs are being taken care of and he will be up for adoption very soon. He's even visiting a chiropractor. Keep an eye out for more news about this wonderful dog.

Check out other GREAT dogs on
Visit to complete our adoption application.

Goldens are dogs too!

Many of us give our dogs human names, snuggle with them on the sofa while watching TV, sneak them a human snack or two and even invite them to join us in our bed. Because of all this "humanizing", we often forget that they are dogs and still maintain the same instincts they have always had even though we have diligently tried to make them think and act more like a person. The following stories, many about GREAT Goldens, will illustrate this and help us to be ever vigilant:

This beautiful female Golden Retriever was in her new home for only one week when she became ill and passed away ten days later. Totally bewildered at the sudden change in her health, the family Vet did some tests and determined that Chloe had ingested anti-freeze. No one really knows how Chloe found it, but it was a deadly encounter for this beautiful Golden girl.

Moral: Anti-freeze, windshield cleaner, etc. all are very sweet tasting and deadly. Be diligent about keeping surface areas free from leaks and store all poisonous items out of dogs' reach.

Living in a foster home, Jack was a bouncy and inquisitive boy and especially enjoyed romping with a family dog. One beautiful afternoon, the boys were joyfully running and wrestling, right into a sago palm. The following day, Jack became very ill, was hospitalized in intensive care and on IV's, but luckily survived.

Moral: All parts of a Sago Palm are deadly. If you have them in your yard, discard them and be careful to clean the area, especially of seeds which are particularly enticing and very poisonous.

This beautiful Irish Setter was truly enjoying his Golden years, but with failing health and severe hip problems. Unfortunately, he was left outside, unattended by the swimming pool when he stumbled in and drowned. What a tragedy for a 16-year-old, beloved family member.

Moral: If you have a pool, make sure your pets know how to swim and know how to get out via the steps. Senior dogs should never be left unattended by a pool as they may loose their footing and not be able to paddle fast enough to stay afloat. Failing eyesight may also prevent them from finding the steps.

Welcome GREAT Families

A warm welcome to our new GREAT adoptive families:

Rachelle Wadsworth
Adopted Duke

Ellen Wiley
Adopted Sandy Paws
Stephanie and Alan Thomas
Adopted Carli
Maureen Hamilton
Adopted Lady
Sara Davis
Adopted Lorna
Cathy and Morgan Peele
Adopted Bessie
Katie Matthews/Greg Gertsmyer
Adopted Woodie
Susan and Randale Coble
Adopted Sandy
Summer Causey and Keith Tingle
Adopted Sadie
Irene Spence
Adopted Trigger
Kim and Tim Ginter
Adopted Sandy
Renee and Pete Forrester
Adopted Oscar
Brandie and Bear Conniff
Adopted Butterbean
Krystal Hall
Adopted Colin

Jennifer and Dominic Jacobs
Adopted Harley
Sharon and Jeff Friederich
Adopted Ashford
Paige Wagner and Daniel Pinney
Adopted Bella
Shari and Gary Cornish
Adopted Autumn
Kelly and Tom Steger
Adopted Duke
Martha and Doug Dayberry
Adopted Tippi
Michelle and Dan McAuliffe
Adopted Gigi
Alexandria and Zakery Warren
Adopted Beau
Katie Olecki-MerlinGlass
Adopted Sonya
Cheryl McCaarthy
Adopted Levi
Aaron Swindell
Adopted Liberty
Noreen and John Boynton
Adopted Zach
Lisa and Ed Andrews
Adopted Miley
Belinda Burch
Adopted Sophie


GREAT Big Thanks

GREAT Big Thanks to GREAT Board Member, Kristi Kluba, owner of Huricane Grill and Wings, Julington Creek Marina, for hosting a garage sale which earned over $1,000 for GREAT Rescue. During this holiday season, drop by for an enjoyable meal and offer Kristi your thanks for once again supporting GREAT.  Kristi and her husband, Rob, are a three time GREAT Golden family!!

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

We'd like extend our condolences to Debbi Mavity on the loss of her GREAT Golden Chance as well as to the Gerringer family for their loss of Angel, also a GREAT Golden. We hope that knowing you provided these wonderful dogs with a life they may not have known otherwise will help you through until you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.





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Wishing you and your family happy holidays and a GREAT new year!

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