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Ready to change your life as well as the life of the Golden you adopt? Click this link to find out more information on the adoption process and to fill out our adoption application. Filling out an application is completely free, so what are you waiting for?

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You don’t have to adopt or foster a Golden to change their life. Donations go a long way to ensure any rescued dog has the necessary care prior to adoption or fostering. Click the links to the right to learn more about some alternative ways to give.

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Ask us for help by filling out our Surrender Form. We understand life can sometimes be difficult, and we will work to ensure your Golden gets placed in a loving and caring home.

About Us

G.R.E.A.T. was established to make the lives of Goldens better. Our rescue’s sole purpose is to help establish a good life for dogs that would otherwise not have one. We want to thank everyone who has made this possible throughout the years.

1,300+ Dogs Rescued

Founded in 2000

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Located in Northeast Florida

Fosters Needed

Not ready to adopt, but still want to help? Foster homes provide rescued dogs with a caring and loving environment while undergoing any necessary medical treatment before an adoption takes place.