A Rescuer’s Tribute to Sisco


A Rescuer’s Tribute to Sisco

Many rescuers looked at the site that displayed the picture of Sisco, a sweet looking senior Golden Retriever who was awaiting his fate at the local animal shelter. Knowing he would be euthanized if not claimed,  we kept a watchful eye. After being there two weeks, we contacted the shelter and asked to give this old boy a chance.

After signing him out, they brought Sisco out and helped him to my car. He walked very slowly and steered to one side, his coat was very thin, dull and brittle and we already knew he was heart worm positive and not neutered.  After waiting for a short while, he suddenly jumped into my car and lay on the back floor almost feeling that this was a safe haven or perhaps it was his owner coming back to take him home.

The ride to the Veterinary Hospital  left Sisco very agitated and found him jumping back and forth from the floor, seat , back window to sniffing me as I drove and back again three to four times. Suddenly, he raised his nose to smell the fresh air coming from the slightly lowered window and finding solace in this delightful experience, he laid down on the seat to sleep.

When we arrived at the hospital, I guided Sisco out of the car and onto the lawn for a much needed potty break. As he bumped into the fence and table, it was then that I realized that this sweet old boy was blind!  Upon entering the hospital, the staff gasped as they saw him but I was still hopeful that we could make him well again. His exam showed that he was dehydrated and his incisors, top and bottom, were so worn down, they would all need to be pulled. After some discussion, it was decided that it was time to end Sisco’s pain.  While we both sat on the floor awaiting Sisco’s fate, teary-eyed, I caressed his head and leg and wondered how this once adorable Golden puppy with a zest for life came to suffer so in his short life.

I wondered if he ran away from home or was he dumped?  Did he ever have a young child to play with or a loving owner to care for him? Did people pass him by and yell at him, was he ever given a good healthy meal and did he ever have a nice bed in which to sleep? Who failed him and where were they? How did he survive on the streets being blind and with such poor teeth?  How many cars had he dodged and how many storms and cold weather did he endure?

Although I knew it was probably a lost cause when I first saw him, I am glad that he had that final hour or two of smelling the fresh air, riding in a car, stepping on green grass and finally meeting people who truly were going to be kind to him. We could not make him well but we could make him better by releasing him from years of suffering and  being alone.  Yes, I cried and still do, not so much for ending his life but for the fact that he never was given a chance to have a happy, healthy life at all. In the true sense of the word, you really were rescued that day and, Sisco, as you crossed that Rainbow Bridge, I hope you knew that you were loved very much!  You have touched my soul.