Established in 2000
Over 1,100 Goldens Rescued

GREAT Rescue


Why Adopt a Rescue Golden?

The number one reason to adopt a rescue Golden is to provide a loving home to a dog that has either never had one, or can no longer be cared for by a wonderful owner. Also, most rescue dogs have learned basic house manners and obedience, building on that foundation can be quite easy. You know what you’re getting when you adopt a rescue Golden. Their temperament and behavior has already been evaluated and they have been living with a foster family who can give you a good idea of what to expect.

Veterinary care has also been provided, including spaying/neutering, heartworm testing and treatment if necessary. Finally, GREAT Rescue’s primary goal is to place Goldens in what will be their forever home, so we take great care in matching our Goldens with an adopting family that matches their personality and needs.

The Adoption Process

PLEASE NOTE: G.R.E.A.T. IS CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM APPLICANTS WHO LIVE IN OUR SERVICE AREA (Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Flagler, Marion, Nassau, Putnam, St Johns, Suwannee, Union and Volusia counties).



Please allow 14 days for your adoption application to be processed.

Area of Coverage: Our focus is to keep our adoptions to the Northeast Florida area (Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Flagler, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Madison, Marion, Nassau, Putnam, St Johns, Suwannee, Union and Volusia counties in Florida). By doing this, we are able to provide transitional support to our new adopting families, and we get to see the GREAT dogs again at our many fundraisers and reunion

Adopting families are selected from approved applications on file. Prior adopting families, fosters, vet referrals and approved applicants on file have first consideration, in the order of submission, for adoption of a suitable Golden Retriever/Golden mix.


To be considered, you must complete an application (see below). Please be sure to review the Terms of Adoption as they outline your responsibilities as the owner of a GREAT Golden Retriever. If the Golden you have in mind has already been adopted, you will be placed on our waiting list for a future rescued dog that fits your needs.

Applications will remain active for 6 months, unless otherwise notified by the applicant, if no suitable match has been found. Prior adopting families, fosters, vet referrals and approved applicants on file have first consideration in the order of submission for adoption of a suitable Golden Retriever/Golden mix. Once a dog has been “interviewed” by a family, the family must make a decision, sign the paperwork and pay the adoption fee within 24 hours to be guaranteed the right to adopt the specific dog visited.

All new owners will be expected to pay an adoption fee for the preferred Golden Retriever on the day the adoption takes place. There will be no extended credit or late payments accepted. Adoption fees help defray expenses in rescuing this and other Golden Retrievers brought into G.R.E.A.T. Rescue.

All G.R.E.A.T. participants are volunteers and are not responsible or liable in any manner, at present or into the future, for any problems or mishaps that may occur following the adoption of a G.R.E.A.T. Golden Retriever.

The decision to place a Golden is at the sole discretion of G.R.E.A.T. Rescue and its Board of Directors and that which is deemed to be in the best interest of the Golden Retriever. We reserve the right to refuse any application.

Pehaps you’d like to consider fostering or foster-to-adopt? 

Please know that if foster families continue to foster a dog until it is available for adoption, they will be given first consideration to adopt that dog at the adoption fee designated by the rescue, provided they have followed vet protocol with our vet and are deemed a good fit by the rescue. So please consider fostering or fostering-to-adopt. 

All dogs are placed on PetFinder when they are deemed adoptable. We then go through approved applicants on file in order of priority (prior adopting families, fosters, vet referrals and approved applicants have first consideration in the order of submission) to determine if there is a potential match. We then contact the first potential adopter to see if they are interested in “interviewing” the dog. If they defer, we go to the next approved applicant, and so forth until the dog is adopted. The dog is then removed from PetFinder.

Once a dog has been “interviewed” by a family, the family must make a decision, sign the paperwork and pay the adoption fee within 24 hours to be guaranteed the right to adopt the specific dog visited.

Keep checking because your new “Best Friend” might just be out there waiting for you!! Thanks again for considering GREAT Rescue and for giving a Golden Retriever a second G.R.E.A.T. chance at life!

Available Goldens

Thankfully, many of our dogs are placed into loving homes shortly after coming into our rescue program and after a stay with a foster family who helps evaluate, train and most importantly love the newly rescued Golden. Each adoptable dog will have received all vaccinations, be heart worm negative, spayed/neutered, wormed and micro-chipped. Additional services/treatments may also be provided upon the recommendation of our affiliated veterinarians.

We have many dogs in our rescue at any point in time but we only post our dogs who are ready for adoption on Petfinder. See below for available dogs:

Adoption Fees

Our fees per adoption vary depending upon such factors as age of the dog, purebred or mixed breed Golden or Golden Retrievers coming from another country.

Please be aware that our average vet expense in 2021 per dog was $1,129.38 with a substantial discount from our affiliated veterinary hospitals!!! Our adoption fees don’t even begin to cover our expenses. You are adopting a healthy dog that has been fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, bathed, given heart & parasitic worm and flea protection, and treated medically for problems such as parasitic worms, heart worms, ear infections, skin infections, surgical needs, etc. It would cost you considerably more than our adoption fee just to take a dog for a vet exam, vaccinations and to be spayed/neutered with no other needed medical treatment done. So please do not ask us to lower our adoption fee and where possible, help us help more goldens by donating your time, money, goods and services, etc.

Ready to Apply?

Completing an application does not guarantee final adoption approval. GREAT Rescue reserves the right to deny the approval of any applications we deem unfit or unsuitable for the animal.
Online Form Instructions
  • Click this link to access the application.
  • Please answer ALL questions completely and thoroughly in order to have your application processed in a timely manner. We are volunteers, and when we have to contact you regarding questions about your questionnaire, the process of processing your application may be considerably delayed.
  • ADDITIONALLY, PLEASE make sure your referring vet has been given your permission to divulge general information to the Rescue regarding your current or past pets’ vet history. 

Snail Mail Instructions

If you prefer, you may download a PDF application to complete offline and mail it (and any required supporting documentation) to:

GREAT Rescue of NE Florida, Inc.
P.O. Box 600878
Jacksonville, FL 32260-0878

Please note that applications NOT completed online (download version) will require a longer processing time.