Jazzy's story

Dear GREAT Rescue,

I am writing this grateful THANKS to GREAT Rescue of Northeast Florida because you have a remarkable organization.  We have been blessed to be one of your lucky participants.

My wife discovered the emergency post you put out about Jazzy and her pups.  The pictures showed a very sad and hurting young girl with her 8 innocent puppies. Her beautiful eyes and story broke our hearts. GREAT was desperately seeking a foster home that could handle all 8 puppies along with mom.  Because of our past experience with breeding and raising Golden Retrievers, we knew right then, we had to help!

We immediately drove from Georgia to Fruit Cove to meet Jazzy and her puppies at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital. The moment I looked into her eyes, I knew what we had to do.  I have to say a very big heart felt thank you to the wonderful staff for the exceptional care and conviction they have for these rescued pets.  It was clear that this was a team effort to ensure that Jazzy was nursed back to a healthy state and her puppies were also healthy.

Our challenge began that very day we picked up Jazzy and her babies.  It was an immediate love affair when Jazzy, with her big yellow eyes, melted both of our hearts.  We knew right there and then that she found her forever home! There was no way we could let this poor emaciated, malnourished, flea bitten, yeast infected girl, continue living like that.  She needed and deserved love, comfort and security, so our adventure began with Jazz and the babies care. To say it wasn’t an easy task would be an understatement.  We had our ups and our downs, but with every look from those beautiful eyes, I knew Jazzy was thankful for what we were doing.

I also would be remiss to not thank Terri Cooper of GREAT who was our point of contact.  She did an awesome job staying in communication with us and finding 8 wonderful and loving homes for the puppies. Terri is a Godsend for sure, with her dedication, devotion and love for GREAT.

This challenge was a labor of love.  We enjoyed watching the puppies grow under our care and meeting every one of the new families that picked their furbaby up.  Jazzy has blossomed into a very loving young girl.  She loves to give kisses, runs with our other 3 Golden Retrievers, loves belly scratches and lays in your lap (yes all 65 pounds of her).  Her touch’s and kisses are so gentle you just know she is saying “Thank You for loving me”.

Again, it is with great thanks and gratitude to all who helped us along this challenging experience in saving and loving this beautiful creature of God.

A true love story of happily ever after.

Thank you all,

Paul & Vicki A.