Ballad of the Turkey Dogs


Ballad of the Turkey Dogs
© By Keith G. Balser

Thanks to dog-lovers’ hearts of gold,
These Goldens have been freed
From exile far too dark and cold
For this warm-hearted breed.

For status, their indifferent owners
Bought them on a whim,
Then cast them out to fend as loners –
And their life was grim:

Through landscapes rocky, barren, muddy,
Feeding on leaves and twigs,
Or buried alive or beaten bloody –
Scorned like rats or pigs.

Abandoned to this gloomy fate,
These royal dogs all but perished;
Then hope dawned in the Sunshine State:
A band of rescuers called G.R.E.A.T.
Would show them they are cherished.

Now G.R.E.A.T. did more than shed a tear
For creatures laid so low –
And whisked them through the stratosphere;
Their new life when they landed here
Would have a golden glow.

Now safe and sound across the sea,
They no more need to roam;
Once orphans, now they happily
Trade fires of adversity
For warmth of hearth and home.

Now loving hands of children pet
Their coats as smooth as cream;
They frolic now and no more fret –
Their nightmare past they now forget
And dream what Goldens dream.

G.R.E.A.T.’s dream to open hearts and doors
Goes on, for nightmares do
For Goldens lost on distant shores
Or languishing near ours or yours –
Let’s make their dreams come true.