Silver & Gold


Silver & Gold

When Golden Turns to Silver

GREAT loves our sugar-faced pups!

At GREAT Rescue, we believe that all Golden Retrievers deserve a GREAT Second Chance, therefore, our mission is to rescue the young, senior and special needs dogs and give them a happy, healthy and loving life for the remainder of their years. Some of these dogs would never have an opportunity to enjoy life because many shelters consider dogs as young as five years old to be seniors and not adoptable. As for special needs dogs, they never have a chance.  But today, with good care, many Golden Retrievers enjoy a happy life to 14 or 15 years of age.

WYSITGYG – What You See Is The Golden You Get with these dogs. Senior Goldens are sweet, gentle souls looking for the love of a forever home. They are house trained and out of the puppy stage. They are not overly demanding of your time yet welcome what time you have to offer. Senior Goldens have learned to behave in a home with a family. They make a great, well-behaved and patient example for younger dogs and are a faithful companion for the remainder of their days.

Just as these precious Goldens are very special, so too, are the families who adopt them. If you feel you can open your heart and home, you will find more joy and love from that furry teddy bear than you ever imagined possible! View our available Goldens to find your senior Golden.